About Crowdbotics

Welcome to Crowdbotics

Crowdbotics makes it faster than ever to build complete, scalable apps for business. With Crowdbotics, professionals can turn ideas into real code using a matched library of components and a network of on-call experts.

Crowdbotics references a library of millions of production-grade software packages to identify the most effective components and workflows for a given project. Crowdbotics then handles infrastructure, implementation, maintenance, operations, monitoring, and security for the life of the project.

Our amazing team

Anand Kulkarni
Geoff MacNeil
VP of Revenue
Charath Ranganathan
VP of Engineering
Julian Capps
Head of Federal Markets
Dan DeFelippi
Director of Engineering
Evan Carlsen
VP Product Solutions
Dave Olund
Director of Software Engineering
Jay Rubin
Director of Product Management
Whitney Smith
Director of Partnerships
John Bender
Director of Marketing
Cameron Green
Senior Product Manager
Aleksandar Trifunovski
Product Manager
Sarah Krawiec
Product Manager
Tara Lamey
HR Manager
Abdulrahman Aljoufi
Technical Recruiter
AJ Smith
Sales Director
Matt Pavelko
Cloud Channel Partnership Sales
Connie Lee
Sr. Customer Success Manager
Jovana Mutavdzic
Customer Success Manager
Anna Vdovichenko
Customer Success Manager
Chris King
Customer Success Manager
Samantha Jenkins
Customer Success Manager
Victor Vlaming
Customer Success Manager
Sai Yadav
L2 Technical Support Engineer
Luciano Florescu
Client Success
Dustin Donahue
Client Success
Cassandra Donahue
Client Success
Aaron Frasier
Client Success
Taylor Foster
Client Success
Clovis Alves
Client Success
Robert DeRouin
Client Success
Peter Blazek
Client Success
Blake Zweigle
Client Success
Chris Cope
Sales Development Rep
Amy Bryce
Marketplace Operations
Raniel Lardizabal
Billing Coordinator
Christina Long
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Lena Tsysar
Marketplace Resource Manager
Andre Machado
Software Engineer
Daniel Sousa
Software Engineer
Tony Tan
Software Engineer
Dmitrii Alferev
Software Engineer
Aline Tavares
Front-end Engineer
Pilar Figueroa
Software Engineer
Juan Barneix
Software Engineer
Abdullah Abid
Software Engineer
Taghogho Emefeke
Software Engineer
Santosh Purbey
Software Engineer
Penina Wanjiru
Software Engineer
Shashank Sinha
DevOps Engineer
Samuel Kungu
Devops Engineer
Kushal Karki
Software Engineer
Valeria de León
Guillermo Smutt
UX Designer

Our awesome investors