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The Fastest Way To Build An App


The fastest way to build web and mobile apps. Design, launch, and deploy working apps in under 30 seconds. Log into your app immediately.


Choose your host. Swap your host from Heroku to AWS to Google Cloud in seconds with Terraform and Docker integrations.

Version Control

Build and collaborate with best practices. Apps are deployed straight from Github.


Your code is your own. Export your code and develop independently whenever you want.

Common Sense Defaults

Applications ship with all the stuff you’ll probably build anyway such as authentication, admin views, and more.

Managed App Development

Hire domain-expert developers, designers, and product managers to help build and extend your app right from the Crowdbotics platform, immediately.


Crowdbotics identifies the best packages for a given feature set based on what has historically been used with that relevant framework. 

Package Whitelist

Cut down shifting through bad packages. Crowdbotics tracks and scores over a million packages from ‘npm’, ‘pypi’, and beyond.

Free and Open-Source

The Crowdbotics App Builder is free. Generated apps are MIT-licensed. Pay only if you want to host the code through Crowdbotics.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this another framework for building software? If so, why?

Why don’t you support scaffolds for Serverless | Laravel | my favorite stack...

The first answer is that `cb` is opinionated: we believe there’s a preferred answer for most developer scenarios, and we support those scenarios directly.

The second answer is, just be because we don’t have a scaffold, does not mean we won’t. If you want more scaffolds, we’re looking for contributors!

Are the generated apps containerized?


What’s on your roadmap?

Crowdbotics provides a web interface to administer 'cb' projects. It will be extended to include model editing, view editing, and layout editing. You can learn more about upcoming features on the Crowdbotics blog and discussion board.

How many apps have been built through this system?

Hundreds of apps have been launched so far.

Will my app scale up?

Yes. The largest apps built on Crowdbotics have scaled up to hundreds of thousands of users.

I can't code. Can I build my app with Crowdbotics? 

Yes! Crowdbotics can provide a PM and developers to customize to your specifications with our Managed App Development.