App Builder

It’s not low-code. It’s full-code made easy.

Visually build mobile, web, and desktop apps

Prototype, design, and deploy UI layouts and backend data models directly within our drag-and-drop visual editor. Crowdbotics generates and exports high-quality, auditable source code for each component you create.

Design custom UIs

Build beautiful screens with images, buttons, styling, text fields, sliders, switches, icons, and other interactive components.

Visually storyboard user flows

Arrange custom and prebuilt screens to model the user journey through your app and uncover likely use cases.

Generate real, open code

Automatically generate and export the underlying React Native + Django code for each component that you create.

Build and map data models

Design the data models that power your app using a visual model editor. The editor automatically generates APIs and documentation as you build.

Preview builds within the dashboard

Test the performance of new features and screens directly within the Crowdbotics platform. See changes to your app rendered instantly.

Convert text to layouts with GPT-3

Describe a screen layout or feature in plain language and receive real, AI-powered code suggestions. Add these to your app with a single click.

Go from zero to MVP. Then MVP to scale.

Low-code tools for technical and non-technical users

Get started fast.

Scaffold a full-stack React Native + Django application with a dedicated GitHub repo and admin permissions in seconds.

No coding (unless you want to)

Drag and drop elements into your app with our WYSIWYG editor. Customize them with detailed styling panels, or switch over to the built-in IDE to apply fine-grain customization.

Generate real code.

The App Builder creates the underlying React Native and Django code as you add components. See your full source code in GitHub at any time.

Single-click deployment.

Built-in infrastructure, hosting, maintenance, and security lets you publish your app to the web with zero effort.

On-demand development

Add just-in-time resources.

Hire developers and product managers directly from your dashboard to build even faster.

Transparent pricing.

Request estimates for individual tasks and approve them individually after receiving a quote.

Out-of-the-box options.

Choose from pre-quoted "Starter Tasks" for fixed-cost development.

Powered by RAD stack

Crowdbotics' React + Django app builder is the fastest way to build apps with real code. You can always view and edit your application’s source code — no hidden repositories or painful exports here.

Build less, get more

RAD stack includes every feature you need right out of the box.

Service-oriented architecture

Access all of your data and services through a single API layer.

Designed for scale

RAD is the same stack used by major high-performance products like Facebook and Instagram.

Automatic documentation

The Crowdbotics Model Builder generates self-documenting API endpoints as you build.

Web and mobile first

Simultaneously develop for web, mobile, and future modalities. Add in a desktop app or release your APIs immediately.

Reusable code components

Take advantage of curated, enterprise-grade software modules for rapid ongoing development and integration.


Manage your infrastructure, data, third-party integrations, services, UX, and UI in the same platform.

Cloud native

Swap your cloud host in seconds or deploy on-premise out of the box.

Always open source

The Crowdbotics App Builder is free to use. Generated apps are MIT-licensed. Pay only if you want to host the code through Crowdbotics.

Easy enough for MVP. Powerful enough for enterprise.

Entrepreneurs use Crowdbotics to get to market quickly.

Assemble a proof-of-concept app for free in a few days using our visual app builder.

Host your app with Crowdbotics, or host it yourself — you own the code from day one.

“Crowdbotics’ combination of prebuilt and custom options made it a good fit that was in my price range, as opposed to more traditional custom development shops.”
Lars Willemse

Lars Willemse deployed and began selling lifetime subscriptions while finishing his MBA.

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“Crowdbotics has been an integral part of Aura's growth to millions of users.”
Steve Lee
Co-founder / CEO, Aura Health

Aura used Crowdbotics to conduct rigorous A/B testing and iterate rapidly in a period of high growth.

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Developers use Crowdbotics to ship builds on schedule.

Snap components into your Crowdbotics app and customize the code directly within the linked GitHub repo.

To move even faster, start witha Blueprint or hire our expert PMs and developers from your app dashboard.

Businesses use Crowdbotics to deploy new services in mission-critical contexts.

Select from enterprise-grade modules and Blueprints to speed up your development timeline.

Build dashboards and demos without the help of engineers.

Host your app through Crowdbotics to enjoy world-class infrastructure, implementation, maintenance, operations, monitoring, and security.

Hire extra development resources as needed.

"We needed something that was elastic in terms of both cost and scale that could grow with our business. Crowdbotics's scalable approach enabled us to quickly incorporate new features."
Greg Varga
SVP Technology & Engineering, Trovo

Trovo used Crowdbotics to build a "data innovation factory" for intelligent enterprise data management.

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“There’s an adage in tech: ‘Cheap, fast, good: pick two.’ But with Crowdbotics, it's all three.”
Agency Director, Firedove Technology

Robbi Anthony and Firedove partnered with Crowdbotics to launch Solace on an "impossible" timeline.

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Agencies use Crowdbotics to speed up development and keep clients happy.

Add new features to your app with a single click and export full React Native + Django code.

Start with Blueprints for full functionality out of the box.

Hire our developers on demand to catch up on a slow build.