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Non Technical

What is Non Technical?

"Non Technical" is a term used to describe users who do not have any formal or informal training with technical problem-solving, specifically coding. Non-technical users may be able to describe or design an application's intended functionality, but they cannot manually write the code that constitutes an application. Non-technical users often partner with technical users like software engineers when attempting to solve technical challenges. Non-technical users may also have a preference for app development tools that are "low code" or "no code" in nature, meaning they enable a user to build an application without writing any code.

Articles for non-technical users describe technical topics in non-technical language. The purpose of these articles is to simplify complicated technical concepts for a general audience without specialized knowledge. These may include walkthroughs, explainers, or industry trend pieces related to non-technical development. Additional topics related to non-technical users include low code, no code, citizen development, and product design.