How to Move Your Brick-and-Mortar Business Online Fast

How to set up an app for online ordering and delivery for your restaurant, grocery store, or retail location

Start delivering now with the Crowdbotics Delivery App Blueprint

Rapid app development is our specialty. To dramatically reduce the cost and time required to deploy full-stack apps, we've created application Blueprints. Blueprints are "batteries-included" application builds that include UI/UX, hosting, security, updates, and expert developer support – everything you need to launch and grow your application from the ground up.

Our Delivery App Blueprint is a prebuilt, fully functional food ordering app for iOS and Android that serves as an alternative to services like GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash, FoodPanda, Swiggy, Deliveroo, or JustEat.

Unlike these third-party services, our Blueprint does not charge delivery fees of any kind. Moreover, you will own the app's underlying code and have complete control over its look and feel.

Each Blueprint comes with 20 hours of customization by our expert developers to ensure that your app displays your brand and aligns with your marketing materials. You can add more custom development on a pay-as-you-go basis.

* Discount for Business Affected By COVID-19*

Due to the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently offering our Delivery App Blueprint free of charge to any restaurant or small business that needs to transition to online orders. If you are in urgent need of a delivery app for your business, please contact us to obtain your free Delivery App Blueprint today.

Every feature you need for online ordering

Our Delivery Blueprint features a modern, user-friendly interface and includes all of the standard functions that business owners and customers expect from an online ordering app.

Basic app functions

The app supports login and registration, a visually rich menu, an online shopping cart, Stripe/PayPal checkout, order confirmation, and user reviews right out of the box.

User-facing features

Users can enable push notifications for both mobile and web, track their orders, find an address with GPS integration, and transact in multiple languages (English, French, German, Khmer, and Chinese) and currencies.

Delivery and driver-specific features

You can manage delivery by assigning your orders to Riders, see the full details of orders in the Rider app, and change the status of the order from within the Rider app.

Administrative features

The Blueprint includes an admin dashboard with analytics and everything you need to configure payment processing, currencies, push notifications, languages, and menu layout.

Password Reset, Menu, Order Customization, and Shopping Cart screens

Crowdbotics also provides infrastructure, implementation, maintenance, operations, monitoring, and security for your app.

These are just the basic features we've packed into this Blueprint. You can add more advanced functionality at your own pace with our managed app development service.

Any online delivery business can use it

Although it was primarily designed with restaurants in mind, this Blueprint is a great option for any business looking to add or to transition to online ordering via mobile devices.

Restaurants and Food Service

Customers have come to expect online ordering and delivery from their restaurants. This demand has led many restaurants to turn to third-party delivery apps like UberEats to handle their ordering and delivery for them.

Unfortunately, all of the major food delivery platforms charge extortionate delivery fees that can severely cut into revenue. Our Blueprint does not charge any fees except for a fixed monthly subscription (for app hosting and maintenance) and pay-as-you-go custom development costs.

Even better: since our Blueprint has already been assembled in advance, it's a breeze to customize and deploy – you can be up and running in a fraction of the time that it would cost to build your own app through a conventional firm.

Checkout, Payment, Receipt, and Navigation screens in the Crowdbotics Delivery Blueprint

Grocery and Convenience Stores

Grocery stores are increasingly offering online ordering and delivery through services like Instacart or Amazon Prime Now. As with restaurants, our Blueprint can handle the logistics of online ordering, checkout, and delivery from these locations with minimal customization required.

In addition to being free of delivery fees, our app can be branded to align with your store's marketing materials. This helps to reinforce customer loyalty and creates a closed ecosystem without exposing your sales data to a third-party delivery platform.

Traditional Retail and Recurring Services

Food products aren't the only items that can be delivered. Any brick-and-mortar retail location that would like to offer customers an online ordering experience can use our Delivery Blueprint to create a branded app for regular and first-time shoppers.

Common business types that might consider adding online ordering and delivery include dry cleaners, pharmacies, rental services, and florists.

Contact Us, Leave a Review, Order History, and Submenu screens from Crowdbotics Delivery Blueprint

Rapid Delivery App Development

We're experts at customizing and deploying our Blueprint apps on extremely tight timelines. In fact, the Delivery Blueprint was designed from the ground up with this exact purpose in mind.

If you're excited to offer your customers online ordering and delivery, but you don't want to pay the hefty delivery fees charged by third-party platforms, we can help.

Ready to take your restaurant delivery online? Purchase your Delivery App Blueprint today to receive 20 hours of customization by our expert developers and be automatically connected with one of our PMs for a kickoff call.

Originally published:

March 25, 2020

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