How to Help Your Patients Screen Themselves Right Now with a Self-Diagnostic App

Educate the public and share testing site locations with vulnerable populations

Streamline patient intake with the Crowdbotics Healthcare Diagnostic App Blueprint

Rapid app development is our specialty. To dramatically reduce the cost and time required to deploy full-stack apps, we've created application Blueprints. Blueprints are "batteries-included" application builds that include UI/UX, hosting, security, updates, and expert developer support – everything you need to launch and grow your application from the ground up.

Our Healthcare Diagnostic Blueprint is a prebuilt, fully functional self-diagnostic app for iOS and Android that enables patients to report their symptoms, receive an instant risk assessment, and contact healthcare providers in their area.

This is an affordable way for medical providers to screen potentially ill patients without putting other patients at risk. It can also deliver news updates and advisories, such as shelter-in-place orders or treatment guidelines, directly to patients' mobile devices.

Each Blueprint comes with 20 hours of customization by our expert developers to ensure that your app displays your brand and aligns with your marketing materials. Our platform isn't proprietary – you will own the app's underlying code and have complete control over its look and feel. You can add more custom development on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Splash, Menu, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us pages in the Crowdbotics Healthcare Diagnostic Blueprint
* Discount for Healthcare Providers Affected By COVID-19 *
Due to the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently offering our Health Diagnostic App Blueprint free of charge to any community health centers or government agencies. If you are in urgent need of a diagnostic app for your patients, please contact us to obtain your free Healthcare Diagnostic App Blueprint today.

Everything patients need to assess their symptoms

Our Healthcare Diagnostic Blueprint features a modern, user-friendly interface and includes all of the standard functions that healthcare providers require for patient intake.

User-facing features

Users can see pandemic-related stats, review breaking news updates, complete a step-by-step self-diagnosis, view nearby testing centers, and consult an FAQ.

GIF image clicking through each screen in the application

Administrative features

Admins can manage the assessment data collected by the app and customize the FAQ section to anticipate common patient questions.

Authorization, Personal Info, Symptoms, and Results screens from the Crowdbotics Healthcare Diagnostic Blueprint

Crowdbotics also provides infrastructure, implementation, maintenance, operations, monitoring, and security for your app.

These are just the basic features we've packed into this Blueprint. You can add more advanced functionality at your own pace with our managed app development service.

Healthcare and non-healthcare use cases

Although it was primarily designed with community care providers in mind, this Blueprint is a great option for any organization with a heightened risk of exposure to communicable diseases.

Hospitals, general practitioners, and care homes

Under pandemic conditions, most regional healthcare systems will be operating at or above capacity. It is therefore crucial for medical providers to minimize employee exposure to members of the public who are showing symptoms and may be contagious.

The Healthcare Diagnostic Blueprint addresses this need by providing instant at-home guidance to patients who would otherwise seek a diagnosis in person. It may also limit community spread by helping patients identify their symptoms early so that they can self-quarantine.

Checkout, Payment, Receipt, and Navigation screens in the Crowdbotics Delivery Blueprint

Government agencies

Social services and disaster response agencies are similarly strained. Public education is a major challenge as disinformation spreads, and citizens may not be able to contact overburdened healthcare providers for advice in a timely fashion.

By pushing news updates, advisories, treatment center locations, and pandemic statistics directly to users' mobile devices, government agencies can inform the public of best practices to prevent the spread of disease. They can also screen contagious citizens in advance before they seek on-site disaster relief services.

Non-profit organizations that serve the public

Charitable organizations around the world are working directly with at-risk populations who may be contagious. The employees at these non-profits should take every precaution to prevent exposure to pathogens, including promoting early detection via self-screening tools.

The app does not capture HIPAA-related items by default, so there is no risk of violating patient privacy.

Rapid Healthcare App Development

We're experts at customizing and deploying our Blueprint apps on extremely tight timelines. In fact, the Healthcare Diagnostic Blueprint was designed from the ground up with the rapidly moving COVID-19 crisis in mind.

If you have an urgent need to help your patients diagnose their symptoms at home, we're eager to help.

Purchase your Healthcare Diagnostic App Blueprint today to receive 20 hours of customization by our expert developers and be automatically connected with one of our PMs for a kickoff call.

Originally published:

March 25, 2020

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