Crowdbotics Collaborates with Blue Door Real Estate to offer you a Seamless Real Estate Investment Experience

We all grow up hearing about real estate as the most secure form of investment. Let's be honest. We hear about and meet successful real estate gurus and investors all the time. But how can you delve into this tried-and-tested commodity? Navigating through the complexities surrounding real estate can be a big hassle. Not anymore! Let Ramona Anderson's Blue Door Real Estate App help you!

Blue Door Real Estate is an app designed to bring real estate investors such as wholesalers, money lenders, and end-buyers all together on one single platform in real time. Setting aside the conventional tactics of pursuing investors or hunting for funds, Blue Door lets you post deals and pictures, customize your profile, set your lending terms or requests, and find everything you're looking for in one place. You can advertise your products, deals, and services and find end buyers online through the app. You can also customize the search by entering your desired postal code and location to discover the best deals near you.

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The Birth of Blue Door Real Estate

According to Ramona Anderson, the brains behind the project, the idea for this app took root when she discovered her love of real estate investing when she participated in an all-female group of investors. The opportunity to succeed in a male-dominated field was a breath of fresh air but making profitable deals required locating end buyers for those deals or private money lenders. As Ramona said:  "It creates a level of anxiety to be brave and go forward doing those types of deals."

Consequently, she got an idea for an app that would allow users to connect and close deals while minimizing turn sound time and hassles. You can network, advertise, and connect in real time remotely!

Blue Door's Target Users

Blue Door Real Estate is perfect for off market rookie and pro real estate investors alike due to its effortless user interface, as Ramona Anderson says:

"It works a little bit like a dating app.....! You create your profile, you put your pictures up, and you tell what you're looking for!"

If you are starting or own a real estate investment or PML business and are looking to connect, Blue Door Real Estate is just perfect for you. You can post or scroll through wholesale deals, interact with money lenders, and read about all the relevant information like terms and conditions, percentages and interest rates, etc., in real-time and provide a star rating after a deal. It makes real estate investment deals safer, profitable, and offers a level playing field for all participants.

The Role of Crowdbotics in Helping Blue Door Real Estate

Crowdbotics is an open-source platform that offers industrial advice and app development by enlisting the help of expert developers. You can collaborate with their friendly and talented team to explore avenues that were unknown to you before. The platform is working with Ramona to bring her idea to life and help all aspiring real estate investors reach their investment goals.

Ramona has spoken highly about her sales representative, Taylor Foster, from Crowdbotics. Taylor helped her achieve her goals and explained the finer points of setting up an app to her since Ramona was new to this field. Ramona had an enjoyable experience, which she recounts in these words:

"He has been with me every step of the way. We've been communicating all along, he checks in on me.... Taylor has a great way of explaining anything you have questions about and he makes it clear, and it's understandable."

Signing up with Blue Door Real Estate

All those interested in real estate investments can sign up with Blue Door through this link. Stay tuned for more updates on the Blue Door Real Estate app.

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