Crowdbotics Launches Google Cloud Modules to Help Users Embed AI, Workspace, and Maps

We’re pleased to announce our first release of Google Cloud modules! We’re helping organizations and startups take advantage of Google’s data and pre-trained AI/ML models to launch solutions faster than ever!

Here are the newly available Google Modules that we can add to user builds starting today.

Healthcare AI

This is an add-on to Crowdbotics’ Google Cloud HIPAA-Compliance module. Transcribe medical dictation and multi-party conversations leveraging AI models trained specifically for medical & healthcare language processing. You can also process unstructured medical texts like patient records and insurance claims, drawing insights, such as correlation of side effects and dose and more.

Retail Recommendation AI

Leverage Google’s years of experience driving recommendations from your app. All that is required is a product catalog, and that user events be sent to the platform. All of the complex machine learning is taken care of, and your data is yours, always.

Live Translation

Translate and transcribe spoken language in near real-time from over 11 source languages. Document translation supports automatic detection of over 100 languages!

Google Workspace

Leverage Google Workspace in application workflows easily by adding our new Workspace modules. Enable your application to search Drive, insert a row in a spreadsheet, or dynamically generate customer proposals in Google Docs (in the background).

Crowdbotics Mapping 2.0

We have overhauled our mapping capabilities to provide our customers with much more of the underlying Google Maps Platform functionality. Create custom map styles and leverage them in your mobile application.

As a Google Partner, Crowdbotics is always looking for ways to bring the best-in-class features of Google Cloud into our hundreds of app builds. Get in touch today to add these features to your app!

Originally published:

April 13, 2022

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