Crowdbotics Partners With InterART Labs To Create An Unforgettable Immersive Art Universe

Formerly of Guatemala but now residing in South Florida, Jose Veliz is a multi-talented artist who has won numerous awards in the fields of music, performance, interactive art, and technology. He's composed music for theater, cinema, and other forms of media, but in recent years he's been exclusively concentrating on creating musically and acoustically-themed interactive artworks.

Jose did this by launching and establishing InterART Labs, a hub for developing technologically-enhanced, interactive creative solutions. InterART is an experimental lab whose primary goal is the creation of new technology and immersive artworks. These creative projects aim to engage audiences by allowing participants to actively create the experiences they possess. 

InterART Labs’ platform offers interactive videos together with their performances and installations, helping them achieve their success and acceptance. InterART Labs’ immersive art forms leverage technological advancements to transport viewers into a world where they use all their senses to fully appreciate the work, and Veliz is an expert on this.

You can also check out the video interview we did with Jose Veliz here:

But What is InterART Labs’ Immersive Art?

To immerse oneself is to get entirely absorbed in an activity. To fully appreciate the medium of art, we must use all of our senses. By doing so, we can experience these works of art 

through touch, sight, sound, and even smell. 

Video mapping, augmented reality, virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, sound technology, fragrances, and light displays are just a few examples of how Veliz is using new media to create immersive environments that you can fully experience and enjoy. This way, as a viewer, you would be fully immersed in the piece. InterART Labs has created an inter-realm experience where you, as an art lover, can step into the world of the art itself, and away from the reality of the ‘here and now’.

Why is InterART Labs So Unique?

Envision what it would be like to participate in and experience art rather than only being able to see it. InterART Labs lets you do this by giving you information about well-known works of art or by experiencing modern creations that transport you to fantastical worlds, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology.

Who amongst us wouldn't be intrigued by the prospect of merging with an exhibition, of going figuratively into a piece of art and engaging with it on a deep, sensory level?

How Does Crowdbotics Enter the Picture?

According to Veliz, he had been searching for a partner who could help him create his online video application, but in his words, 'It was difficult to find someone with the right skillset at the right price range to build my app’.

Crowdbotics is known for using an efficient modular system, which is useful in a variety of businesses, and more than capable of creating applications for them. Veliz stated that he ‘brought Crowdbotics demos of what I was trying to develop’ and explained his ideas, which Crowdbotics was quick to understand. They took his vision and developed a draft, which resonated with the core idea that Veliz had in mind. He wanted to create a connection between his immersive art experiences at InterART Labs and link it to those looking for a similar sense of escapism from reality. 

According to Veliz, Crowbotics ‘is a team that is eager to create what you want’, and through their proficiency and competence, he has managed to turn his ideas into a reality that he can share with and let others experience.

How Do I Become Part of the InterART Labs Experience?

InterART Labs lets you share their wonderful creations and ask questions about existing art pieces. If you wish to join their team and help create their visually-appealing and auditory-stimulating pieces, visit their website and get in touch with them today. You can become part of this amazing immersive art experience by entering the universe of InterART as an artist, curator, or audience, with just a click of a single button. 

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