Crowdbotics Partners With CEO Ricky Johnson to Create The Kiss My Ride App

Are you tired of spending hours scrolling through search engine results, trying to find a reputable mechanic or auto parts store near you? Are you frustrated by the lack of transparency when it comes to pricing for car repairs? 

That's where an app that acts as an online directory for automotive sales, service, repairs, and parts comes in handy. It can help you find the best deals around town and gives you access to all types of information about local businesses – from hours of operation to pricing per mile or any other relevant data about each business' services. 


Ricky Johnson, a budding entrepreneur based in the Greater Bay Area in Oakland saw this opportunity and partnered with Crowdbotics to create Kiss My Ride, a one-stop solution for all your vehicle’s requirements. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can easily find the best deals on maintenance for cars in your area, read reviews from other customers, and even schedule appointments online! 

What was the motivation behind Kiss My Ride?

Ricky Johnson, the founder of Kiss My Ride, provides an insight into the motivating factor behind the app, and how it resonates closely with his application’s slogan. “Our slogan says it all, driven by passion, meaning we're passionately motivated for individuals and their vehicles and we want to create a product that would allow them to continue to maintain the life of their vehicle and give them access to make things very easy. This is something that I love and want to share with the world,” says Ricky. 

The core idea behind the app’s creation is to give consumers access to the four major markets in the auto industry in the SF Bay Area: sales, service, parts, and repairs. In doing this,  Kiss My Ride assists people in reducing the time of searching for vendors that offer quality service and reputable repairs, successfully bridging the gap between two ends of the automotive community. 

What feature makes Kiss My Ride stand out?

The Kiss My Ride Mobile App was developed for the benefit of both consumers and companies in the automotive sector. Ricky wished to connect his clientele with reputable companies offering a variety of services in the automotive industry. They've done this by drawing on their extensive knowledge of the automotive sector to narrow down potential partners to a select few they know they can trust to deliver quality, professionalism, and value.

He further explains the most unique features of his application, “So the feature that I'm most proud of within the app is the ability to communicate. The communication between the vendor and the end user and vice versa. An end user can send up a video or image of an issue or anything that they might be dealing with, which actually gives the vendor the ability to have a better understanding of that individual's need and be able to accept the job or reject the job based on availability or capabilities.”

Who can use the Kiss My Ride App?

Kiss My Ride is an essential application ideal for anyone who owns vehicles and wants to keep them updated without the stress and hassle of spending endless hours looking for the right dealers. The automobile industry in the San Francisco Bay Area is vast, and Kiss My Ride helps the community to sieve through the pool of providers and connect them to the most authentic automotive individuals in the area. 

The ideal Kiss My Ride user is anyone who understands that quality customer service and value still exist, are most important, and they're just looking for a way to find it - all who understand that personal transportation is very essential in their daily lives, and they are looking for a way to maintain that essential part of their lives as simply as possible. 

Kiss My Ride accommodates everyone from single moms to college students and helps them keep their vehicles updated by professionals in the industry. Now you can have access to the top automobile service, repair, and parts providers at your fingertips

Why was Crowdbotics Ricky’s first choice for app development?

Ricky Johnson reached out to the team at Crowdbotics  with an idea to serve the community through his automotive application, leaving the rest on our incredibly talented team of developers and executives. Our account executive Justin accommodated Ricky throughout his app development journey and assisted him with his prior extensive experience in the automotive industry. 

Crowdbotics is dedicated to bringing Ricky’s dream of an ideal application to reality, and our team is working day and night to achieve it!

Here’s what Ricky has to say about him teaming up with Crowdbotics, “We chose to go with Crowdbotics because they actually had a thorough knowledge of what it takes to build an app such as what we were looking to have built. They were also very detail oriented and focused and organized on the best way to get this project done in a cost-effective way and within a time frame that we would work for all. This is a company I believe that you can trust. They will stand behind everything that they say. They all do. They will. And you just don't find that too often anymore!”

How can you access the Kiss My Ride App?

Those interested in using the app can download it on Google Play or the App Store. So why wait? Start streamlining your car care today with an all-in-one automotive directory app!

The Kiss My Ride app is an effective online directory that gives you unlimited access to the top-rated automotive resources and service providers in the Bay Area, and Crowdbotics has assisted Ricky throughout the process, from the app’s initial idea to the final launch!

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