How These 5 Well-Known Apps Are Integrating with ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we leverage and interact with technology at a rapid pace. One of the most remarkable developments in AI is the rise of conversational agents, such as ChatGPT, which possess the ability to engage in human-like conversations. With its natural language processing capabilities and deep learning algorithms, ChatGPT has caught the attention of app developers and businesses at every phase and stage of growth, paving the way for innovative and personalized user experiences.

In this article, we’re exploring how five well-known apps have harnessed the power of ChatGPT. These applications, spanning diverse domains, have adopted this cutting-edge technology to enhance their functionality, provide personalized assistance, and deliver immersive user experiences like never before.

1. Expedia

In April 2023, Expedia unveiled a new travel planning experience within their app, powered by ChatGPT. The feature allows users to converse with AI when planning a trip. Based on the prompts given by the user, Expedia can now offer instant recommendations on places to go, where to stay, how to get around, and what to see and do.

The beta release also incorporates intelligent shopping, a feature that automatically saves any hotels that were recommended or mentioned in conversation to a Trip section in the Expedia app. By saving hotels in the app, Expedia can deliver a more efficient booking experience to its users.

In addition to offering this new AI-powered conversation tool in their app, Expedia also built a plugin that lets users access the same travel planning experience from the ChatGPT website.

It’s a smart move by the company and sets a clear example for other brands in the travel space hoping to grab the attention and loyalty of eager, tech-forward travelers with better travel apps.

2. Instacart

In March 2023, Instacart introduced their ChatGPT plugin to customers in a company update posted by JJ Zhuang, the company’s Chief Architect.

The plugin allows users to interact with Instacart from the ChatGPT website. When enabled, users can have conversations with Instacart about meal planning. For example, a user might ask, “What’s a simple vegan lasagna recipe I can make for my family?” Instacart and ChatGPT will then work together to provide suggestions for the user. The plugin will provide an ingredient list and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the meal.

As if that wasn’t helpful enough, users can take it one step further and use the plugin to convert the ingredient list into an Instacart order that can be placed and delivered in as fast as an hour.

The Instacart plugin is an exciting use case and one that will undoubtedly motivate other recipe sites, delivery apps, and food startups to build similar AI-powered features for their own users.

3. Speak

In late March 2023, the AI-powered tutoring app Speak announced it was releasing a plugin that would collaborate seamlessly with users on the ChatGPT website.

The plugin offers an interactive, conversational tutoring experience for users interested in learning another language or communicating with someone who speaks a language they do not yet know.

In the example they provide in their statement, a user is seen asking the question, “How do I say “congrats on the launch” in Spanish?”

The plugin then responds in ChatGPT and offers a simple answer, plus a short lesson on alternate phrases that could be used depending on how formal the user wishes to be when they offer congratulations.

It’s a great example of how businesses could be incorporating AI into their apps to create a better learning experience for users.

4. Shop

On March 1, 2023, Shopify announced a new AI-powered shopping experience that would soon be available to users of their Shop app. The new update allows shoppers to interact in real time with a ChatGPT-powered shopping assistant. Based on the prompts provided and answers given by the shopper, the assistant can provide product recommendations across merchants that are already featured in the Shop app.

Once product recommendations are given by the shopping assistant, users can scroll through them, add them to their cart, and purchase instantly. Or they can return to the assistant and ask for additional recommendations based on what they saw.

Visit this page to test a live version of the new AI-powered shopping experience from Shop.

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5. Zapier

In March 2023, Zapier shared the news about their new plugin built to run on the ChatGPT platform. The plugin connects users to 5,000+ apps (like Google Sheets, Gmail, or Slack) and interacts with them directly inside ChatGPT.

This means you can run Zapier requests even faster than before because you don’t have to switch between multiple platforms. You can make requests using the Zapier plugin and tasks will be completed and updated within ChatGPT.

With this plugin, the possibilities seem endless. You can use the Zapier ChatGPT plugin to craft and send Slack messages to your team or emails to prospects. You can ask it to find you a lead in your CRM, add rows to a spreadsheet, or search for database items in tools like Notion.

This plugin is bringing a whole new level of productivity to working professionals everywhere and setting a high bar for any other productivity tool that wants to figure out how to bring more value to users with AI.

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Originally published:

July 25, 2023

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