Isaiah Buckram Chooses Crowdbotics to Build His New Social Network and Dating App

Despite modern advances in communication, our society may be more disconnected than ever before. We might have every means of communicating with each other today, but with no reliable way to find people of common interests.

Isaiah Buckram, a passionate entrepreneur, took it upon himself to create a networking app that bridges this widening gap. Known as BookB4, this app comes as a combination of various apps someone would use daily. These could include dating apps, social media, or simply something to connect with people of similar interests.

What Motivated Isaiah to Make this App?

BookB4 is something that everyone could use. In fact, Isaiah wanted to create this application because he knows it's something he could use. It’s a mixture of various networking apps, and it exists to connect people from across the world with similar interests. 

In particular, Isaiah says, “you can have people to talk about things you actually care about. And, they’d be able to respond to you in a way that someone who has an opinion on the things you like would be able to do.”

Who’s Your Target Audience?

This app is designed for people to meet people. 

This means that an ideal user would be someone who wants to socialize and mingle with strangers with similar interests. Besides just talking, these users should be social and outgoing to want to create new connections with people. They'd desire lasting relationships with people interested in the same activities as them, whether going to movies together, playing video games or traveling to new places and visiting museums.

How Can I Sign Up for BookB4?

If you’re interested in the services BookB4 offers or would like to join their waitlist for a chance to socialize with thousands of people who share your interests, you reach Isaiah directly by using this email address. 

Why Did Isaiah like Crowdbotics?

Partnering with Crowdbotics comes with an experienced team of full-stack developers and UI/UX designers. This leads to the creation of fully-compliant social media applications.

BookB4 wouldn’t have to worry about any technical aspects of the dating app when Crowdbotics is taking care of everything. 

In the announcement for his app, Isaiah states that Crowdbotics Account Executive, Clovis Alves, has been a great support throughout the app development process. He assures the audience that Clovis has kept Isaiah up-to-date with what he had to do in the project and accomplished all necessary goals.

Overall, Isaiah mentions that one of the reasons he decided to stick with Crowdbotics is Clovis' efficient response time. He would always get replies to any inquiries consistently through email or Slack.

Why Did He Ultimately Choose Crowdbotics?

Isaiah reached his decision to partner with Crowdbotics after a lot of deliberation. On this note, he states that as compared to other companies that offer similar products, he believes Crowdbotics is the most straightforward with the product they’re delivering.

He indicates that the Crowdbotics team told him exactly what he'd get from them, and what they, in turn, could do with whatever he provided. He felt it was easy to have two-way communication about his new app, ensuring everyone was in good faith for the project and its expected outcome. 

That being said, the application is currently under development. 

Crowdbotics has employed experts to work on it day and night, providing a complete optimization before launch. We want to simplify the social media aspect of the app as much as possible before production is complete. This would guarantee that it's accessible to everyone who needs to find friends and/or partners with similar interests. 

Keep an eye out for future updates!

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