How to Move Your Classroom Online As Quickly As Possible

Enable students and trainees to access course contents from their personal devices

Transition to remote learning with the Crowdbotics Course Management Blueprint

Rapid app development is our specialty. To dramatically reduce the cost and time required to deploy full-stack apps, we've created application Blueprints. Blueprints are "batteries-included" application builds that include UI/UX, hosting, security, updates, and expert developer support – everything you need to launch and grow your application from the ground up.

Our Course Management Blueprint is a prebuilt, fully functional online learning app for iOS and Android that enables instructors to remotely upload and organize course materials for their students to engage with.

This is an affordable way for educators to continue teaching as usual without exposing themselves and their students to the risks of meeting in-person. It can also be used to train employees as part of a custom onboarding process for new hires.

Each Blueprint comes with 20 hours of customization by our expert developers to ensure that your app displays your brand and aligns with your marketing materials. Our platform isn't proprietary – you will own the app's underlying code and have complete control over its look and feel. You can add more custom development on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Navigation Menu, Search, Profile, and Subscription Screens in the Crowdbotics Course Management Blueprint
* Discount for Educators Affected By COVID-19 *
Due to the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently offering our Course Management Blueprint free of charge to any educator or private business that needs to transition to remote learning or employee training. If you are in urgent need of an online learning solution, please contact us to obtain your free Course Management App Blueprint today.

Everything students need to keep up with coursework

Our Course Management Blueprint features a modern, user-friendly interface and includes all of the standard functions that teachers and students require for e-learning.

User-facing features

Users can browse courses, enroll in courses, view their instructors, and engage with course content and materials.

GIF image clicking through each screen in the Course Management application

Administrative features

Admins can set up payment information, create courses, and manage course content and instructors.

Browse, Instructor, Notifications, and Settings screens in the Crowdbotics Course Management Blueprint

Crowdbotics also provides infrastructure, implementation, maintenance, operations, monitoring, and security for your app.

These are just the basic features we've packed into this Blueprint. You can add more advanced functionality at your own pace with our managed app development service.

Designed for remote instruction of all kinds

Although it was primarily built to accommodate standard online learning models, this Blueprint is a great option for any organization with the need to teach users remotely.

Public and private schools

During natural, economic, or political crises, school systems may be forced to suspend in-person learning. However, the widespread availability of internet access gives students and teachers a way to maintain their course schedule via remote education.

The Course Management Blueprint provides educational institutions with a central platform for instructors to host and manage their course materials. It also gives students an easy way to keep track of their coursework. The Blueprint is a closed, private environment that can be customized for the specific needs of any given student body.

Featured, Subject, Overview, and Content screens for the Crowdbotics Course Management Blueprint

Business training

Whether remote or in-person, most businesses need to train new employees to use their preferred systems and workflows. Building a custom onboarding plan for each new employee is a time-consuming approach that is hard for employers to oversee and just as difficult for new hires to stay on top of.

Our Course Management Blueprint lets you assemble all of your company's training modules just once so that you can direct all future hires to the materials that are relevant to their positions. New employees will then be able to access the required courses on their personal devices and track their progress.

Personal tutors and thought leaders

Online learning isn't confined to schools and workplaces. There are now hundreds of free and paid online courses on software engineering, design, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and other professional skills, as well as the full universe of general education topics that are unrelated to professional learning.

If you are an expert in your field who is interested in teaching students online, our Course Management Blueprint is the perfect tool for supporting and growing your brand. You can customize the look and feel of your Blueprint to give your students a fully immersive learning experience and build your user community.

Rapid Education App Development

We're experts at customizing and deploying our Blueprint apps on extremely tight timelines. In fact, the Course Management Blueprint was designed with unexpected transitions to remote learning in mind.

If you have an urgent need to help your students learn from the safety of their homes, we're eager to help.

Purchase your Course Management App Blueprint today to receive 20 hours of customization by our expert developers and be automatically connected with one of our PMs for a kickoff call.

Originally published:

March 26, 2020

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