Q4 2022 Innovation Map: 6 Beacon Sectors Where Innovative Ideas Are Being Transformed Into Real Apps

In our Q4 Innovation Map, you’ll find the following:

  • Which industries we worked with most when building new apps in Q4
  • The average cost of app development in Q4 by industry and by type of application
  • 6 featured industries where great ideas are thriving, with examples of apps being built for each

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More about the Crowdbotics Innovation Map

At Crowdbotics, we have daily conversations with entrepreneurs, domain experts, and executives about how to bring their great ideas to life. This year we began curating this data and compiling it into quarterly reports to help surface app development trends and opportunities in hopes that it would help more people across all industries finally choose to bring their ideas to life.

In each quarterly report, we highlight sectors where we saw innovation thriving.

Here are some key highlights from the Q4 InnovatIon Map from Crowdbotics:

  • App volume increased across nearly every industry in Q4, with significant spikes in Healthcare, Entertainment, and Education.
  • The cost to build the top 15 most in-demand app types shifted dramatically based on our platform's modular code coverage for individual use cases.
  • Construction and Transportation stood out as two additional sectors where new, transformative app ideas were brought to life to help modernize and automate outdated systems and make the flow of information between field professionals more seamless than ever.

Originally published:

February 6, 2023

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