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How does it work

Crowdbotics uses machine learning to find the right software blueprint + human talent for your chatbot software project.
Features & Specs
Most chatbot software resembles systems that have been built before.
Estimate & Plan
Crowdbotics uses machine learning to evaluate millions of software packages to find the right configuration for the job.
Build & Deploy
Crowdbotics-certified developers customize and built to your specs
Maintain & Scale
Crowdbotics hosts, maintains, iterates, and scales your application as needed

What do you want to build today?

Crowdbotics handles design, business logic, infrastructure, implementation, maintenance, operations, monitoring, and security for a wide variety of chatbot software projects.


Intercom Bot,

Amazon Lex Bot,

Dialogflow Bot,

Facebook Messenger Bot,

Customer support bot

And More

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Why people recommend us

“We were looking for something we didn't think we'd find: High-quality, flexible and scalable dev support. We were stunned that we were able to get all three in Crowdbotics.”
Randall Bennett, CEO, Vidpresso

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Automatic Push to GitHub
Automatic Heroku Hosting
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Pro Pricing

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Pro Modules
Dedicated Product Manager
Production Mode
Unlimited Builds
Unlimited Push to GitHub
Access to Premium Components
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Custom Modules
Dedicated Product Manager
Production Mode
Unlimited Builds
Unlimited Push to GitHub
Access to Premium Components
Custom Integrations
Unlimited Heroku Hosting
Unlimited Users
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Enter your email address for an invitation to access the Crowdbotics Slack workspace. Check your email for a link to your private channel. Say hello to your product manager in Slack!
Create your first project

Create your first project

Your dedicated project manager will prompt you for basic details to scope your project. Crowdbotics references a library of millions of production-grade software packages to identify the most effective components and workflows for your project.
Create your first project

Set due dates and deliverables

Coordinate with a Crowdbotics-certified developer to complete your project the way you need it, when you need it. Track your project
Create your first project

Track your project

Follow your project from idea to completion. Make adjustments. Review progress. Push to production.
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What else can you build
with Crowdbotics?

Crowbotics provides infrastructure, implementation, maintenance, operations, monitoring, and security for over 500 kinds of software applications.

More than 500 packages

Mobile App
Voice Enabled Device
Browser Extension
Web Application
Google Assistant Interactive Voice Agent
Amazon Alexa Skill
Google Assistant Skill
Google Voice System
Initial Coin Offering
Bitcoin Payment
Internet of Thing (IoT)
Ethereum Payment
Bitcoin Cash Payment
Alexa Interactive Voice Agent
LiteCoin Payment
Ripple Payment
Monero Payment
ZCash Payment
Token Sale Landing Page
Ethereum Smart Contract
Ethereum Wallet
Token Sale Wallet
Cardano and Daedalus Wallet
Custom Token Platform
React VR
Unity VR
Oculus Rift VR
Samsung Gear VR
Mobile VR
Chrome Extension
Firefox Extension
Social network
Community Portal
Support Forum
Apple Watch
Wear OS (Android)
Intercom bot
Amazon Lex Bot
Dialogflow Bot
Facebook Messenger Bot
Customer support bot
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