How much does it cost to build a content management app?

Standard price for a content management app: $15,133

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What is a content management app?

Content management applications are used to manage all of the content for a website or web application. These apps often include features for adding, editing, publishing, updating, and deleting content, as well as features for managing users who contribute content.

Content Management apps are similar to other photo and video sharing apps. In addition, they often share features with social networking apps. Some of the most popular content management apps today include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Here are some recent content management app examples built with Crowdbotics:

  • A content-diverse content management app built for the real estate industry that has an interface similar to WebMD with lots of educational resources and experts available for users.

  • A content management app built for an insurance company.

  • A Zoom-integrated online tutoring app that lets students review notes, homework, and material within the app.

What is the typical cost to build a content management app?

A content management app usually costs $15,133 to build. However, the total cost can be as low as $7,000 or as high as $22,500. A content management app with a low number of features (also known as a "minimum viable product", or MVP) will be more affordable than an app that includes all intended functionality.

For example, here are some recent content management app price quotes from Crowdbotics:

  • $15,000

  • $20,199

  • $10,199

Here are some considerations that may impact the cost of a app:

How long does it take to build a content management app?

A content management app usually takes 202 hours to build. However, a content management app can be built in as few as 93 hours, or in as many as 300 hours. The exact timeline mostly depends on how complicated your app is. As a general rule, it will take longer if you require highly custom designs, niche features, or non-standard release platforms.

For example, the most recent content management apps built with Crowdbotics received the following hourly estimates:

  • 200

  • 269

  • 136

How to successfully grow your content management application

A content management app needs to provide users with reasons to come back and use the app more frequently. For example, if the app is intended for news organizations, it could offer push notifications of breaking news stories, an email digest of popular stories, or daily deals on subscriptions.

Risks and challenges of building a content management application

A content management app can face legal and reputational risks related to the posting of copyrighted content, the invasion of privacy when handling private information, and violating terms of service. Content management apps should take strong measures to verify that user-posted content does not infringe on anyone's copyright or violate any other third-party rights. It is also recommended that your content management app include a robust DMCA takedown mechanism with an escalation path for addressing abuse.

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