How much does it cost to build an agriculture app?

Standard price for an agriculture app: $37,500

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What is an agriculture app?

An agriculture application is a web, mobile, or desktop application used on farms. The app may enable users to manage farm equipment and implement agricultural strategies. For example, the app could be used for planning crop management activities such as planting and harvesting, tracking weather trends over time, and analyzing soil quality.

Agriculture apps are similar to other apps that involve time management or scheduling, such as food delivery apps, ride-hailing apps, and task coordination apps. Agriya is one of the leading providers of this type of app.

Here are some recent agriculture app examples built with Crowdbotics:

  • A database management app for the argiculture industry built to help a small farm streamline their operations and expand to new demographics.

What is the typical cost to build an agriculture app?

An agriculture app usually costs $37,500 to build. However, the total cost can be as low as $25,000 or as high as $50,000. An agriculture app with a low number of features (also known as a "minimum viable product", or MVP) will be more affordable than an app that includes all intended functionality.

For example, here are some recent agriculture app price quotes from Crowdbotics:

  • $20,199

How long does it take to build an agriculture app?

An agriculture app usually takes 269 hours to build. However, an agriculture app can be built in as few as 133 hours, or in as many as 400 hours. The exact timeline mostly depends on how complicated your app is. As a general rule, it will take longer if you require highly custom designs, niche features, or non-standard release platforms.

For example, the most recent agriculture apps built with Crowdbotics received the following hourly estimates:

  • 269

How to successfully grow your agriculture application

An agriculture app can grow its user base by providing a high level of value to farmers in a way that provides new users with the information they need to get started. In order to compete in this crowded space, an agriculture app must show farmers how it will be able to improve their farming experience, provide them with real-time data about their business, and show them how they can save money by using a mobile platform.

Risks and challenges of building an agriculture application

Apps for monitoring and improving agricultural outcomes can be subject to regulatory scrutiny from the state or federal level, especially if they are also designed for commercial sale. Your app may need to be certified by the USDA or your state agriculture department prior to distribution in order to ensure that it meets required standards related to the handling of sensitive data and the security of animal health information.

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