How much does it cost to build an electronics app?

Standard price for an electronics app: $37,500

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What is an electronics app?

An electronics application is a web, mobile, or desktop application that provides users with information and resources about electronic devices such as smartphones, digital media players, and smart televisions. Electronics apps usually include an interface for comparing the technical specifications of different devices, price comparisons between online retailers, and access to vendors' customer service telephone numbers.

Electronics apps are often similar to e-commerce apps, shopping apps, and inventory management apps. The world’s most popular electronics app is YouTube, a video streaming app.

Here are some recent electronics app examples built with Crowdbotics:

  • A custom database app and software built for the development of a new type of phone.

What is the typical cost to build an electronics app?

An electronics app usually costs $37,500 to build. However, the total cost can be as low as $25,000 or as high as $50,000. An electronics app with a low number of features (also known as a "minimum viable product", or MVP) will be more affordable than an app that includes all intended functionality.

For example, here are some recent electronics app price quotes from Crowdbotics:

  • $20,000

How long does it take to build an electronics app?

An electronics app usually takes 267 hours to build. However, an electronics app can be built in as few as 133 hours, or in as many as 400 hours. The exact timeline mostly depends on how complicated your app is. As a general rule, it will take longer if you require highly custom designs, niche features, or non-standard release platforms.

For example, the most recent electronics apps built with Crowdbotics received the following hourly estimates:

  • 267

How to successfully grow your electronics application

An electronics app can grow by offering a large number of products that are available for purchase. This makes it easier for shoppers to find the products that they want, and it provides the store with a steady stream of purchasing activity. In order to grow rapidly, an electronics app must provide a high level of value for its users, such as by providing detailed product information and by offering competitive prices.

Risks and challenges of building an electronics application

A hardware app can be subject to a wide range of regulatory requirements that vary from market to market. For example, the FCC's rules for RF emissions from wireless devices are more strict in the United States than they are in Europe. In addition, different jurisdictions have different laws regarding the availability of service and warranty support for electronic products. When releasing a new electronics product, it is recommended that you consult with your legal counsel to determine which regulations must be adhered to in order for your product to comply with local laws and regulations.

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