What's your code reuse strategy?

Unlock new app development efficiency for developers while maintaining IT governance and compliance

Up to 70% of code is reusable

We build hundreds of apps per year, and we don’t write custom code for each new login screen or password reset workflow. Neither should you.

Crowdbotics can help you unlock a new level of development efficiency through broad reuse of extensible modules of code that are consistent with your own security and compliance standards.


A private library of reusable code modules for developers to focus on new features and deliver apps faster


Full access to full code, always, to configure, extend, or audit when necessary for developers and IT


User-friendly drag & drop, visual app designer for business team members
Multinational manufacturer of construction, mining, forestry, and heavy equipment
Data-driven flight maneuver analysis application featured in Popular Science
Multinational provider of healthcare, consumer lifestyle, and lighting solutions

We've cracked the code on scalable, compliant innovation.

Code modules

Write once and reuse

Unlock new development efficiency by packaging and reusing code blocks of data models, data connections, workflow logic, and user interfaces, embedded with required policies and configurations. Retain future flexibility to further customize, extend and update over time.

Code reuse

Accelerate development

Start new app development projects by identifying existing code coverage. Reuse available code modules, and free developers to focus on new logic and functionality.

Standards, regulations, & governance

Preempt noncompliant code

Code modules are written in real code, to your IT standards, to meet your security and compliance requirements. No risk exposure from non-auditable shadow IT or blackbox code.

Visual Design Studio

Enable design collaboration

Provide business team members who best understand workflows and use cases with a no-code collaboration tool for app design. User-friendly drag & drop interface to define app interface, workflows, and data models.

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