Enterprise Solutions

Prototype new features, drive higher margins, and streamline workflows with the Crowdbotics App Builder.


Accelerate product development by 50%

Design and develop simultaneously.

Ideate, design, and deploy new screens without writing a line of code.

Empower your entire team.

Product directors, managers, designers, and owners can iterate on shared designs or build new features on their own.

Built for scale.

Generate production-ready React Native code and deploy with industry-leading infrastructure and hosting.

Universal application development.

Build simultaneously for web, iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

Improve time-to-market and enjoy higher margins

Build less, get more.

Deliver faster solutions for clients using fewer in-house development resources.

Share your work.

Reuse screens, components, and entire app architectures between projects to speed up your delivery timeline.

Zero maintenance.

We handle infrastructure, implementation, maintenance, operations, monitoring, and security.

Manage your team effectively.

Control contractor access to sensitive projects and set appropriate permissions for each user.

Streamline your workflows

Modernize your infrastructure.

Crowdbotics produces versatile React Native and Django code and automatically assembles scaffolds from vetted open source components.

Fast, low-risk implementation.

Ease of deployment means less time and lower cost to build new workflows.

Service-oriented architecture.

Cleanly swap out vendors and tools via your app's built-in API layer.

Uptime guaranteed.

We'll handle hosting and maintenance so that your team can focus on continual optimization.

Visually build mobile, web, and desktop apps

Prototype, design, and deploy UI layouts directly within our drag-and-drop visual editor. Crowdbotics generates high-quality React Native code for each visual component you create.

Design custom UIs

Build beautiful screens with images, buttons, styling, text fields, sliders, switches, icons, and other interactive components.

Visually storyboard user flows

Arrange custom and prebuilt screens to model the user journey through your app and uncover likely use cases.

Generate real React Native code

Automatically generate and export the underlying React Native code for each visual component that you create.

Build and map data models

Design the data models that power your app using a visual model editor. The editor automatically generates APIs and documentation as you build.

Preview builds within the dashboard

Test the performance of new features and screens directly within the Crowdbotics platform. See changes to your app rendered instantly.

Convert text to layouts with GPT-3

Describe a screen layout in plain language and receive real, AI-powered React Native code suggestions.