Turn Figma Designs Into Code

Convert your Figma design files into real React Native code inside the Crowdbotics App Builder.

Go from design to development instantly

Just copy and paste.

Provide the share link for your Figma project and select the screens you want to import. That's it!

Preview live code.

View your imported Figma screens running real React Native code in an emulator.

Connect to prebuilt modules.

Drop new features from the Crowdbotics Component Library directly into your app.

Single-click deploy.

Built-in infrastructure, hosting, maintenance, and security lets you publish your app to the web with zero effort.

How it works

Start building a real app from your custom Figma designs in just three steps.

1. Create a new app.

Select "Import from Design" on the Crowdbotics Create App screen.

2. Paste your URL.

Paste your Figma share link into the URL field and select which frames to import.

3. See your code.

Your Figma screens are added to Crowdbotics as real React Native screens!

Professionally managed app development

Bring in the experts.

Hire vetted developers and product managers directly from your dashboard to build your app even faster.

Transparent pricing.

Request a detailed quote and build timeline and approve individual milestones as you go.

Save time and money.

Our automated Figma-to-code conversion gives you a head start on your build.

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