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The Q2 App Development Innovation Map from Crowdbotics

The Q2 App Development Innovation Map

Learn about the industries and sectors where great app ideas are thriving.

  • Which industries we worked with most when building new apps in Q2
  • The average cost of app development in Q2 by industry and by type of application
  • 7 featured industries where great ideas are thriving, with examples of apps being built for each

Benefits of Partnering with Crowdbotics

  1. Retain Ownership of Your Code 
    Crowdbotics gives you complete ownership of the code used to build your app, enabling flexible deployment to your existing IT infrastructure.
  2. Build & Launch Your App Faster
    Crowdbotics has an ever-growing library of app modules that allow you to build faster and focus more time and energy on unique, differentiating features within your app.
  3. Spend Less Time & Money Building 
    Crowdbotics enables you to work more efficiently than you would with a traditional app developer, which can save you time and money over time.
  4. Work with Industry-Experienced Developers 
    Crowdbotics connects you with a network of fintech app developers who can help you take your project to the finish line or entirely off your shoulders.
Get your copy of
The Q2 App Development Innovation Map from Crowdbotics

Build Market-Ready Applications Fast with Crowdbotics

Crowdbotics is a real-code development platform that helps growth-driven companies, teams, and startups leverage to bring great, transformative ideas to market faster, with no coding required.

“We chose to work with Crowdbotics because we were really looking forward to a long-term partnership and they had everything that we were looking for. They were super transparent. Everybody that we met with on the team was super kind and helpful. We feel like they’re all co-founders, and that’s really the feeling we wanted.”

— Elise Jones, Founder & CEO, Sckeem

“Crowdbotics has been an integral part of Aura’s growth to millions of users. Their engineers have become a part of our core team, and we recommend Crowdbotics to anyone looking for a trusted engineering partner.”

— Steve Lee, Founder & CEO, Aura