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Build mobile and web apps with Crowdbotics

Create business-ready applications faster than conventional development with the AI-powered Crowdbotics platform

Build faster and cheaper with off-the-shelf features and AI

Don't build from scratch. Crowdbotics provides a library of prebuilt modules and generative AI tools to give you a head start on your custom app build. It's 50% faster and up to 66% cheaper than conventional development.

Custom app development with transparent, predictable pricing

Mission-critical apps require expert planning and execution. Get the best of both worlds by building with a dedicated team on a best-in-class platform. Go from a custom-quoted MVP to a fixed-cost monthly payment to support your app as you scale.

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Innovators Choosing Crowdbotics

"The AWS patching solution that Crowdbotics built has helped us clear our backlog and freed my team up to develop mission-critical features that accelerate medical research.”

Kevin Carlson
Florence Healthcare

"The Crowdbotics team has been nothing but transparent with me and has provided a remarkable project management experience. I am more than excited to build our next few applications with Crowdbotics.“

Timothy Castro

"We needed something that was elastic in terms of both cost and scale that could grow with our business. Crowdbotics' scalable approach enabled us to quickly incorporate new features."

Greg Varga

Hire an app development team to build with Crowdbotics

Fast isn’t always efficient, but efficient is always fast. When you hire an expert app development team through Crowdbotics, you'll enjoy rapid development on your initial build and compounding returns over time as you build out your own custom catalog of reusable features.