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Crowdbotics Enterprise

Boost organizational efficiency with systemic code reuse

Crowdbotics helps you deliver apps faster and more efficiently without sacrificing code auditability

A no-compromise solution to speed up app development

Fed up with the high cost and slow progress of conventional app development, business teams are turning to low- and no-code platforms to build the apps they need themselves. However, in exchange for visual builders and out-of-the-box components, companies lose access to the underlying codebase, along with code auditability, extensibility, and portability.

There is a better way forward. Crowdbotics accelerates app development by improving accessibility for non-developers and efficiency for developers, while maintaining governance for IT.

Crowdbotics provides required AI and code reuse capabilities

To enable systemic code reuse, Crowdbotics fills in the capabilities gap in the app development toolchain between PRD and code repositories, letting you centrally manage a repository of reusable app specifications and modules of code. We call this process "CodeOps."

Innovators Choosing Crowdbotics

Efficient development means fast app delivery

Fast isn’t always efficient, but efficient is always fast. So we start with efficiency. Insight we developed after shipping hundreds of apps a year for others is that up to 70% of application code is reusable. This translates into as least 50% faster development, and frees up capacity for 2x more releases.