The Non-Technical Founder’s Guide to Building an App

Not a technical person? Don’t let that stop you!

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The Non-Technical Founder’s Guide to Building an App

Not a technical person? Don’t let that stop you from building an app you know will make your business better!

Building an app can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you can do as a founder... but it’s not always easy, especially when you don’t have the technical background and skills that other founders used to build their apps.

Not having a technical background can deter some people from ever bringing their ideas to life, but it shouldn't stop you!

In this comprehensive e-book, you will learn

  • What every non-technical founder should know about DevOps
  • Why a digital transformation roadmap is important
  • How to choose the best architecture for your web application
  • Key factors to consider when hiring contract engineers
  • How automated design-to-development can help you get to market 4x faster
  • Why you should be building with Crowdbotics


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Customer Testimonials

“We chose to work with Crowdbotics because we were really looking forward to a long-term partnership and they had everything that we were looking for. They were super transparent. Everybody that we met with on the team was super kind and helpful. We feel like they’re all co-founders, and that’s really the feeling we wanted.”

Elise Jones

Founder & CEO, Sckeem

“Crowdbotics has been an integral part of Aura’s growth to millions of users. Their engineers have become a part of our core team, and we recommend Crowdbotics to anyone looking for a trusted engineering partner.”

Steve Lee

Founder & CEO, Aura
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