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Let’s revolutionize how you scope projects in under 30 minutes.

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Take the First Step to Innovation

Great ideas can come from every corner of your business — but not everyone has the tech-speak or know-how to capture and circulate them.  

Using natural language, Crowdbotics can help you transform any app idea from a simple description to a fully scoped Product Requirements Document (PRD) in minutes — so your development team can start executing and building on it, immediately. 

Want to learn more? Let’s schedule a quick, 30-minute call. We can give you a demo of the solution, and show you how to quickly turn your app ideas into ready-to-build specs.

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Blast Through Your Backlog (or Ignite New Ideas)

We can help you scope any project in your existing backlog — or work together to map out a brand-new development concept.

Is any of this on your wishlist?

  • Modernized Build of an Existing Application
  • Customer Portals
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Supply Chain - Shipping & Inventory Management
  • Remote Work Tools

We can show you how to fast-track it into development. Our 30-minute scoping consultation is free — and there’s no hassle or obligation. (We’re pretty sure when you see what PRD AI can do, it will speak for itself.)

Tap into the AI Hivemind

How do we scope so quickly? Crowdbotics uses generative AI to supercharge our historical app development data — transforming your real-talk descriptions into a comprehensive set of requirements that will earn the approval of your pickiest developers. We then match these requirements to our extensive catalog of prebuilt code modules to help your team jump start the process.

Unlock the Power of Code Reuse

Up to 70% of the code devs write has been written before. So why are your teams still continually reinventing the wheel? With Crowdbotics, CodeOps converges with AI to pinpoint the ideal project specifications and code modules for each product and organization —  significantly accelerating the development process, speeding products to market, and giving developers back time to work on something truly innovative. 

Let’s Start with a Scoping Session

Scoping is the first step to successful app development — and we’ve got you covered. Hop on a quick 30 minute scoping session with one of our Crowdbotics experts and walk away with complete documentation, including:

  • Desired functionality and features.
  • Detailed acceptance criteria, defining how each feature should behave.
  • Innovative ideas for new features and enhancements.
  • Regulatory and technical risk analysis.

Sound intriguing? Let’s connect.

Customer Testimonials

“We chose to work with Crowdbotics because we were really looking forward to a long-term partnership and they had everything that we were looking for. They were super transparent. Everybody that we met with on the team was super kind and helpful. We feel like they’re all co-founders, and that’s really the feeling we wanted.”

Elise Jones

Founder & CEO, Sckeem

“Crowdbotics has been an integral part of Aura’s growth to millions of users. Their engineers have become a part of our core team, and we recommend Crowdbotics to anyone looking for a trusted engineering partner.”

Steve Lee

Founder & CEO, Aura
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