Crowdbotics Chat - Version 2 Module


This frontend module allows a user to send, view, and delete a chat in the app.

  1. Send chat messages: Users can type a message and send it to another user in the app
  2. View chat messages: Users can see a history of all their chat messages with another user
  3. Delete chat messages: Users can delete individual messages or entire chat conversations
List of Screens

1. Home ScreenThis is the screen where you can see a list of your conversations (like WhatsApp, and Viber…) and from here you can click on a specific conversation and be directed to that direct message screen

2. Direct message/group chat screen The Direct Message/group chat screen has the user’s conversation history, user can type messages here, add emojis, and send pictures or videos

3. Edit Message/Group Chat details screenUsers can edit group/chat details here and can add and remove members in group/chat

4. User Profile screenUsers can edit their own details like names, and upload a profile image.