Crowdbotics Wallet Connect Module


The module will allow the most popular crypto wallets to be used in the app. You can use your favorite wallet to pay in the app. This module allows you to connect wallets like meta masks in your app, send/receive funds using one of your added wallets, validate transactions made, see balances in each added wallet, view transaction history, and switch between different currencies.

  1. Integration of popular crypto wallets into the app
  2. Ability to use preferred wallet to pay within the app
  3. Connection of wallets like MetaMask in the app
  4. Sending and receiving of funds using added wallets
  5. Validation of transactions made
  6. Ability to view balances in each added wallet
  7. Access to transaction history
  8. Option to switch between different currencies
List of Screens

1. Home Screen

Through the home screen, a user can log in or sign up by entering a custom email and username