Crowdbotics Zoom Integration Module


This frontend module allows users to create, record, join, schedule and delete meetings.

  1. Create meetings: Users can create a new meeting and set the date, time, and duration
  2. Record meetings: The module allows users to record meetings and store them for later use
  3. Join meetings: Users can join meetings by entering a unique meeting ID or by clicking on a meeting link
  4. Schedule meetings: The module allows users to schedule meetings in advance and send out invitations to other users
  5. Delete meetings: Users can delete meetings they have created or are a participant in, as long as they have the necessary permissions
List of Screens

1. Home Screen

On the home screen, By clicking on the join meeting, the user should be able to enter the meeting ID, set audio and video preferences, and click on the join button. By clicking on the scheduled meeting button user would be able to add the meeting topic, meeting date, time, duration, and timezone. The user will also be able to choose between using the personal ID, or the meeting passcode. Users will have access to scheduled meetings in which they participate, or are hosts.