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Crowdbotics Customer Testimonials

We witnessed remarkable growth in 2022 thanks to the hundreds of new entrepreneurs, professionals, and creators who built apps on our platform. To thank our users and showcase their visionary work, we have chosen to recognize a select few for their contributions within their respective industries in 2022.
Maui in Hawaii is a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the island's breathtaking, idyllic beaches and crystal-clear waters. One of the most popular activities for visitors to engage in is snorkeling, which allows them to explore the diverse marine life inhabiting the island's reefs. However, finding the best snorkeling spots can be challenging, especially for first-time visitors. 
CEO Geoffrey Cairns and CTO Ken Mages at Hamilton's Reserve Inc. are using cryptocurrency to revolutionize card payment processing with Crowdbotics.
Tim Smith is a Partner at Bee Partners, a pre-seed venture capital firm. We recently sat down with Tim to discuss his Crowdbotics experience.
We spoke with Santiago Freyria, head of product at InnerPlant, to discuss how InnerPlant hopes to empower farmers and ensure we can feed future generations.
Dr. Jacob Harden is an injury rehab expert whose fitness app Prehab 101 uses an algorithm to create a reactive workout experience optimized for each user.
Crowdbotics sat down with Colin Henderson to discuss how he used the Crowdbotics Dating App Blueprint to build his astrology-themed dating app, StarCrossed.
Crowdbotics sat down with Lars Willemse to discuss his app, Showcasing, which helps freelancers automatically publish their progress to clients externally.
We sat down with Katherine Anthony to discuss the process of building her gender transition guidance app, Solace (, on an "impossible" timeline.
Steve Lee, founder and CEO of Aura Health, discusses A/B testing, consumer-oriented KPIs, making the leap into entrepreneurship, and using Crowdbotics to scale.
How a founder with a non-coding background built Coordinates, a native app for tracking race participants in real time, with the help of Crowdbotics.
Crowdbotics Partners With Sckeem To Innovate Personal Finance Budgeting With A Visual Calendar

Crowdbotics User Reviews

"We needed something that was elastic in terms of both cost and scale that could grow with our business. Crowdbotics' scalable approach enabled us to quickly incorporate new features."
- Greg Varga,
"The AWS patching solution that Crowdbotics built has helped us clear our backlog and freed my team up to develop mission-critical features that accelerate medical research.”
- Kevin Carlson, Florence Healthcare
"The Crowdbotics team has been nothing but transparent with me and has provided a remarkable project management experience. I am more than excited to build our next few applications with Crowdbotics."
- Timothy Castro, Stormlyfe
"We were looking for something we didn't think we'd find: High-quality, affordable and scalable dev support. We were stunned that we were able to get all three in Crowdbotics. I've been burned in the past by low-quality results, and for us, Crowdbotics couldn't have been further from it.”
- Randall Bennett, Vidpresso
"The Crowdbotics team immediately understood what I was looking for and helped me build an even better health care app than I originally imagined. For non-developers like myself, they were the perfect partner."
- Jason Brucker, MDLink
“I provided Crowdbotics with some basic wireframes and an Excel workbook full of formulas, and in the end they delivered a sleek, easy-to-use, mobile financial planning app that exceeded my expectations.”
- Dale Rohling, SavinRaven