Tech Partnerships with Crowdbotics

Plug into our ecosystem to drive new feature adoption and cloud consumption at scale.

Meet Your Users Where They Build

Crowdbotics makes it simple for your users to integrate your platform into their apps.

ISV, cloud, and blockchain partners acquire new users and drive consumption by building commercial modules in Crowdbotics.

Benefits for Tech Partners

  • Co-market branded modules within the Crowdbotics ecosystem
  • Expand your footprint within target verticals
  • Single-click user adoption inside Crowdbotics
  • Stack with our referral program for development credits
  • Uncover new use cases and user needs

Join Our Ecosystem

One-Time Build, Continuous Passive Acquisition

Crowdbotics commercial modules can support a wide range of off-the-shelf functionality for users:

  • API integrations
  • Marketplace vendors
  • Secure data sync
  • Decentralization
  • Identity management
  • Custom solutions

Become a Preferred Vendor in our Ecosystem

"We’re thankful to have a partner that can help us advance this mission and bring better financial tools to companies eager to disrupt an industry that has been historically slow to modernize."

- Victor Leung
Director of Marketing, Basiq

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A Better Way to Build Software

Control your timeline, stay within your budget, and keep your IP.

Crowdbotics Platform Advantages

  • Plan and manage projects from a unified dash
  • Interactive living PRD
  • Browsable module library
  • Total project timeline visibility
  • Scale engineering resources on demand
  • Full ownership of source code

Broad & Deep Product Expertise

With a footprint in over 50 verticals and a growing database of common app architectures, Crowdbotics knows what it takes to get your app to market fast.

Focus Industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Fintech
  • Education
  • Defense
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • E-Commerce

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