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What To Do Right Now:

1. Schedule your scoping call: Use this page's "Click to Schedule" button.

2. Come to the call with the following information (It’s OK if you don't know all of this, or have already sent it over):

  • High-level goals for your MVP/build
  • Info about any existing code or tech stack (fine if there’s none yet)
  • Wireframes or UX sketches
  • Timeline, deadlines
  • Examples of similar apps or products you want to emulate

3. Connect your Github account if you have one

4. Review our Getting Started documentation

Of course, we're always available for you each step of the way, and you will be kept updated on the team's progress through each build phase.

We also have a helpful video that covers what you can expect during this process:

What are the steps in a typical application build?

Whether you work with Crowdbotics or a different third-party development partner, the overall best practices for building an Android app will be consistent for any team:

  1. Outline Requirements
    Create a detailed build plan for each feature of your app in collaboration with the development team.
  2. Wireframing and Basic UX
    The team prepares basic “placeholder” screens for each unique screen in your app and walks through the intended user flows with you.
  3. Technical Assessment and Architecture
    The team determines how to structure your app’s underlying components and designs the most optimal system for data storage and retrieval.
  4. Solidify Design
    The team replaces the basic wireframes with final design elements and requests your approval.
  5. Front End Development
    The team builds the user-facing components of your application.
  6. Back End Development
    The team builds the underlying components that power the user's interactions with the front end.
  7. Testing
    The team works with you to run through the intended user flows of your app and fix any bugs or undesirable behaviors.
  8. Deploy
    The team launches your Android app to your chosen platform(s).
  9. Iterate and Scale
    As your app attracts new users, you work with the team to add features and improve performance.
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