Product Updates

The latest Crowdbotics feature releases, product improvements updates, and more.

Verified Modules, Clone Screens

August 18, 2020

Verified Modules - “Verified” tag indicates recommended modules.

Clone Screens - Clone screen layouts created Visual Editor for use in the Storyboard tool.

Additional Updates
  • SSO login to the Crowdbotics forum - Users are automatically logged into the Crowdbotics Forum ( when logged in to the Crowdbotics App Builder (
  • Drag, drop, and reorder elements in the App Builder hierarchy tree
  • Font family selection available for text elements in Visual Editor.

Plugins and Visual Editor UI Updates

July 24, 2020

Updated Visual Editor UI - View element hierarchy, select and edit canvas properties, and more

Introduction of AP 'Plugins' - Create and add connections to external APIs

Additional Updates
  • Zoom within the Visual Editor for a closer look at canvas elements.
  • Rename modules on your Storyboard for easy organization.
  • Extended support for many Visual Editor element properties and code generation.

Improved App Builder User Interface

May 22, 2020

Improved App Builder User Interface (UI) - The App Status page now includes an embedded preview so you can easily check out the latest deployment of your app. The simplified navigation bar focuses on the core editing tools. The link to your GitHub repository, Admin Panel credentials, and other links and settings can now be found on the App Settings page.

Additional Updates
  • Updated Storyboard Editor layout: browse and add modules or app templates to your project using the tabs on the right side of the page.
  • You can now see whether each team member has connected their GitHub account and joined the project repository, and resend the repo invitation if necessary.
  • Storyboard Editor is default application view.
  • Payment methods have been moved to the Account Settings page.
  • Common Knowledge Base Articles and other documentation added to the Help & Support page.
  • Support form added to Help & Support page .
  • Save your current app as a template has been moved to a dropdown item from the Save button on the Storyboard page.

Visual Screen Editor

April 24, 2020

Introducing the Crowdbotics Screen Editor: The Crowdbotics Screen Editor enables users to visually assemble application interfaces without writing any code. Drag and drop elements to create layouts, edit properties to customize the appearance of your screen, and preview the app on different device sizes.

Additional Updates
  • Users can now cancel a deployment that has been started
  • Improved user flow for connecting custom domains to web applications
  • Simplified Crowdbotics dashboard navigation
  • Option to hide the secondary navbar on large screens
  • Users can now copy server logs to their clipboard to paste into a text editor for easy analysis

Review Applicant Details For Open Hires

April 9, 2020

Reviewing developer applicants is easier than ever. From the Team page, select “See Applicants” for your active job posting to view candidate details. Select a PM or Developer to help you build your project.

Additional Updates
  • Improved layout of task templates on Task page
  • Improved appearance of notifications panel contents
  • Scroll position of server logs is now maintained, even as new entries appear
  • Slide-in panel UX introduced for easier app plan changes
  • Number of times a template has been previously been applied is displayed

Data Template Previews

April 7, 2020

App Templates are now easier to use. Templates display the author and verified status and are sorted to feature verified Crowdbotics-created templates first. Check out some of the templates the Crowdbotics Team has created to help you get started building faster!

App templates now show a preview of the data models in addition to the storyboard canvas.

Additional Updates
  • Responsive layout for Time Reports page for better UX on mobile
  • Shared app link can be shared with non-Crowdbotics users without mandatory signup
  • Task templates panel more compact and added infinite scroll
  • Inactive and unpaid tasks are now archived and hidden
  • Option for duplicate model and self-referencing foreign keys enabled
  • Task 'Status' added for Professional Services users

Storyboard Templates & Hiring From Your Crowdbotics Dashboard

March 31, 2020

Introducing Storyboard Templates: You can now browse and use pre-built storyboards in your app to skip storyboarding individual steps and user flows in your app. Add complete modules, connections, and data models from our library to save time and release faster. When your app is finished, you can also now save it as a template to share with other Crowdbotics users.

Hiring through your Crowdbotics Dashboard just got a whole lot easier. Our new and improved Hire Request Form lets you search the Crowdbotics developer community for custom roles, cross-post requests, or offload your hiring needs entirely to our team.

Additional Updates
  • Reports icon displays in primary navigation bar for easy access
  • Default Gravatar image now uses HTTPS
  • Fixed bug related to uploading a preview image when editing a module
  • Fixed unexpected behaviors on Model Editor page when discarding unsaved changes
  • New copy in Models tab of Overview widget clarifies when app is still being generated
  • User notification added to warn user when internet connection is interrupted
  • User notifications preferences are now stored with the account, instead of the browser