Data-Driven Applications, For Readiness Decisions

Crowdbotics is working to modernize data analytics in the U.S. Department of Defense.

Crowdbotics provides data management and analysis tools for a wide range of Defense Customers, most prominently with our Fighter Jet Analytics tool "Data-Driven Readiness." This tool enables the warfighter to score pilot proficiency and general fleet readiness.

We have routinely outperformed the period of performance for all government contracts as our strength in data science is matched by our modern software engineering standards and best practices.

Custom software solutions built for government scale

  • Intelligent business process management tools
  • Continuous upgrades included
  • Data visualization
  • Upgrades from/compatibility with legacy systems
  • Devops included out of the box
  • On-premise deployment
  • Designed for scale
  • Universal, cross-platform apps
  • Cloud provider- and database-agnostic
  • Can obtain security clearance/ATO
  • Previous experience building for USAF

Build government apps fast without compromising your security

The Crowdbotics full code model makes the entire source code of generated applications available to authorized users. This enables agencies to easily audit applications generated on the Crowdbotics platform.

In addition, the ability for organizations to create private sets of starter code (called “scaffolds”) enables IT security teams to institutionalize code templates and infrastructure definitions for all applications created by their development teams. Deploy to classified networks, on-premise, or commercial clouds.

For federal agencies, the Crowdbotics platform includes unlimited users and team members, custom app scaffolding, custom frameworks, GitHub and Gitlab support, version control, rollback capabilities, custom servers, live support, uptime SLAs, custom hosting, marketplace access, third-party APIs, custom domain configurations, and 10M free rows of data.

What's different about building with Crowdbotics?

Our process leverages a simple truth about software development: most new applications look like applications that have been built before.

No matter how unique your idea is, there are fundamental best practices and code packages that are used by developers across the globe to build leading applications.

Rather than reinvent the wheel for each new app, our platform offers a growing catalog of prebuilt app features and product specs for you to pull right off of the shelf.

This enables us to assemble the basic structure of your application instantaneously, leaving more time for customization and fine-tuning.

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